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[Taiwan Railways Administration EMU100, Driving Trailer ED112, Manufactured by English Electric, 1978; Original rolling stock for the Taiwan West Coast Mainline Electrification Programme -- 2010/02/07 Photo at Qidu station, Sundays-only Train 1120]
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Grandson of a Formosan trucker, Lexcie was born in England's green and pleasant Yorkshire Dales. Although he grew up in Taipei's leafy exurb of Hsinchu and ancient port-town of Damtsui, he nevertheless started his railway career in 1999 with the former British Rail Infrastructure Division, Scottish Region. After accuring service credits with numerous transit operators (and contractors) in the Bay State and Gotham City, he was a longtime resident of Haverhill [hayve-ril], Massachusetts (amongst those 'Dark Satanic Mills'), and thoroughly relished his 250-mile commute to work for a major northeastern passenger railroad. In his spare time, he enjoys incurring revenue passenger-miles (i.e. travelling), and thereby discovering found objects.

Research Interests

Passenger Seating | Strategic Scheduling | International Best Practices and Benchmarking | Transit Fare Evasion |
Operations Datamining and Analysis | Infrastructure Investment Planning | Open Fare Payments | Transit Equity |
Performance Measures | Intercity Passenger Rail | Battery-Electric Locomotives

Professional Experience

Investment Planning | Maintenance Process Studies | Geographic Information Systems | Project Managament |
Public Transit Research | Analytical Algorithm Development | Technology Management | Multimodal Transit Planning |
Strategic Initiatives | Environmental Justice Compliance | Transportation Modelling | Freight Transportation Planning |
Asset Management | Schedule Making | Transportation Crew Management | Railway Signalling

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