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[Taiwan Railways Administration EMU100, Driving Trailer ED112, Manufactured by English Electric, 1978; Original rolling stock for the Taiwan West Coast Mainline Electrification Programme -- 2010/02/07 Photo at Qidu station, Sundays-only Train 1120]
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Operations Data Mining and Analysis

Estimation of Pre-COVID19 Daily Ridership Patterns from Paper and Electronic Ticket Sales Data with Origin-Destination, Time-of-Day, and Train-Start Detail on a Commuter Railroad: Quick-Response Big Data Analytics in a World Steeped with Tradition
Alex Lu, Thomas Marchwinski, Robert Culhane, and Xiaojing Wei
ASME JRC Paper No. 2021-59109


Daily Production Implementation of a Highly Efficient Bus Boarding-Alighting/Origin-Destination Estimation Algorithm Using Automated Vehicle Locator and Entry-Only Fare Collection Data
Qifeng Zeng, Alla Reddy, Alex Lu, and Brian Levine
TRB Paper No. 15-0309

 An Algorithm to Measure Daily Bus Passenger Miles Using Electronic Farebox Data for National Transit Database Section 15 Reporting
Alex Lu and Alla Reddy
TRB Paper No. 11-0368

 Using Quantitative Methods in Equity and Demographic Analysis to Inform Transit Fare Restructuring Decisions
Robert L. Hickey, Alex Lu, and Alla Reddy
TRB Paper No. 10-0280

Application of Entry-Only Automated Fare Collection System Data to Infer Ridership, Rider Destinations, Unlinked Trips, and Passenger Miles
Alla Reddy, et al.
TRB Paper No. 09-0809

The Relationship Between Maintenance and Service Planning, and Evaluation of Maintenance Strategies
(or Should You Run Your EMUs Till They Drop?)

Lexcie Lu
TRB Paper No. 04-2697

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