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[Taiwan Railways Administration EMU100, Driving Trailer ED112, Manufactured by English Electric, 1978; Original rolling stock for the Taiwan West Coast Mainline Electrification Programme -- 2010/02/07 Photo at Qidu station, Sundays-only Train 1120]
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Performance Measures

 Designing New York City Subways' Key Performance Indicators Using a Balanced Scorecard Framework
Mikhail Boguslavsky, Brian Levine, Alex Lu, and Alla Reddy
TRB Paper No. 14-1710

Recent Advancements in Using Automated Train Supervision (ATS) Track-Occupancy Data to Measure Subway Service Performance at New York City Transit
Brian Levine, Alex Lu, and Alla Reddy
TRB Paper No. 13-2997

Performance Measurements on Mass Transit: New York City Transit Authority Case Study
Anthony Cramer, et al.
TRB Paper No. 09-1141

 Passenger Environment Survey: Representing the Customer Perspective in Quality Control
Alex Lu, et al.
TRB Paper No. 09-0587

Forecasting Statewide Freight Movements and Related Performance Measures
Dan Beagan, Cambridge Systematics (Principal Investigator)
Andreas Aeppli, Reebie Associates (Project Manager)
NCHRP Project 8-43. The final report has been published as NCHRP Report 606.

The following supplemental materials were not published with the formal final report:

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