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[Taiwan Railways Administration EMU100, Driving Trailer ED112, Manufactured by English Electric, 1978; Original rolling stock for the Taiwan West Coast Mainline Electrification Programme -- 2010/02/07 Photo at Qidu station, Sundays-only Train 1120]
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Intercity Passenger Rail

Issues & Challenges Facing First and Last Miles of Regional and High-Speed Rail Development: Call for Further Research
Alex Lu and Eric C. Peterson
TRB Presentation No. P11-0787

The Vital Role of Metropolitan Access in Commuter, Regional, Intercity and Overnight Rail Passenger Transportation -- and Its Relationship to Technology
Lexcie Lu
MIT Thesis (Supervised by Carl D. Martland)

The Vital Role of Metropolitan Access in Intercity Passenger Transportation
Lexcie Lu, Dalong Shi, and Carl D. Martland
TRB Paper No. 03-2546

Performance-Based Technology Scanning for Intercity Rail Passenger Systems
Carl D. Martland, Lexcie Lu, Dalong Shi, and Joseph M. Sussman
TRB Paper No. 03-2545

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